Adventures in dolly world

12 December
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I'm an 18 years old student and here is my Blythe knitting website. Right now, my dear boyfriend is abroad so I have lots of spare time to do useless things.

Here you will find my blythe knitting patterns, some pictures, tutorials and thoughts about dolly-related stuff.

Terms Of Use:

You may NOT sell the knits you made out of my patterns in any way.

I decided not to sell my creations because I’m by no means a business woman and I would never have the energy to supply an Etsy shop but also because I just love free things and figured that other people might also. Stealing patterns make you a bad, bad person. Blythe patterns are not very hard to make… If you wan’t to make money in the dolly industry, make your own patterns and not only would you not feel guilty, but you would also feel dang proud and creative.